That man you see there, he is a 92 year old veteran from Norway, who was tortured by the nazis during world war II. 
The upper picture is the picture of the “BOY London” logo, that’s so popular now days.
Then, on the picture under, is a known symbol that were used under by the nazis in World War II. 
Now you can all think of what you’re really wearing.

finally someone made a post about it, everyone’s running around with the Third Reich Eagle on their chests

think about it



Hey, hi. I’m just gonna pop in here and teach you all a little something. OKAY.

This eagle on the BOY London shirt, is called the “Reichsadler” eagle. It’s symbol used by many different nations, at many different times throughout European history to show independence and nationalism towards a specific region or nation. The eagle you see in the cartoon below is actually a representation of ANOTHER eagle called the “Parteiadler” eagle. (Which literally translates to “The Party’s eagle”). And in the cartoon at the bottom, the head of the eagle is supposed to be facing towards the left. The MAIN physical difference between the two eagles is that the head of the Reichsadler eagle faces towards the right, and the head of the Parteiadler faces towards the left.
You may be asking, why? What’s the big difference? Why does it matter?

Well, throughout European history the Reichsadler eagle was used to show appreciation and nationalism towards a country. Kind of like how people put the American flag outside their houses, or on tee shirts. It’s a symbol of dedication. This eagle has many different names, yet has the same meaning and almost always the same look.

At the start of the third reich, the Parteiadler eagle was used with the head turned to the opposite side to show complete dedication, submission and nationalism towards the German government. It was the opposite of the dedication to ONLY the land. It was loyalty to the power of the land. It was mostly worn by SS Officers and members of the nazi party, people obviously internally involved in the German government.

There is a big difference between a symbol of civilian appreciation towards a homeland or nation, and the use of a symbol to represent dedication towards a government you are internally involved in.

So before you go and bash BOY London for using that logo, you should realize that you would also have to, in turn, bash the use of ANY national flag or equivalent.

That’s it, I’m done.


(Source: croowley)

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